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[PC & MAC Only - No Smartphones]

At weSpark, we believe that the future of websites is going to change: we will migrate from traditional, paper-like websites in 2D to super engaging and immersive 3D experiences.

That is why we created the "weSpark Meta Experience", where we invite you to discover our story, our creativity, and our successes in what feels like a Metaverse experience. If you see someone inside, don't forget to say "hi" as other visitors will be visible there too.

We created this entire experience 100% from scratch, as well as all the content inside: from texts to music, images, GIFs, videos, and animated 3D models. We hope that you enjoy it a lot and we hope to inspire you to build a virtual experience for your company too.

Please get in touch with us if you want to build a Metaverse-like experience with the weSpark!

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