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Welcome to Lufthansa Systems Livestream room 🎥 🛩

We created this room to help you bring your video conferences and video podcasts to the next level! 

Streaming Room 2B 2.jpg

Follow these steps to start using the gadgets...

Step 1: 

  • Connect the USB-Hub to your computer. 💻

  • Webcam and microphone are both connected to the hub. 📸🎤

  • If the camera runs slow, you probably need to use another USB 3.0 input on your computer.


Newer computers may have only USB-C, in this case, please use the adapter which you will find on the table. Please don't forget to disconnect and leave the adapter next to its label on the table.

(Dear Mac users, if your Mac only has USB-C, use the ports on the left side.)

USB adapter.gif

Don't forget to open the camera lid and adjust its position. 📸


Step 2: Turn the lights on.             

  • Upper wheel controls the brightness 💡

  • Lower wheel controls the color temperature 🟠🔵

  • For better results, adjust the light to match your background and atmosphere color.

  • By default, we like to set our lights at 80% brightness and 3500K.


Step 3: Setup the new devices

In your preferred video conference application choose...           


Video source: Logitech BRIO 📷

Audio input: RODE N1 🎤

Speaker: onboard speaker or headphones (recommended) 🎧

Do not forget to turn the HD on 😉
Most programs require this option to be manually turned on (Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts)

Step 4:

Now look if the microphone is recording by looking for the green dot when you speak.

Change the recording volume with the left wheel.


Now move the microphone to your preferred position.

In case that you need to use a virtual background, or need other ways of including extra people for a video podcast or pitch while standing... we thought about it too! 🤓

  1. Fold the screen up and fit it to your preferred height

  2. Use a streaming software such as OBS to use the full potential of the green screen.

For the most professional tech-savvy users, you can use the green screen to substitute your background with your own design! ✨


This setup gives you simplicity and flexibility! We recommend you to take at least 5 minutes to check and prepare your setup. ⌚

You can use this livestream setup while standing, by raising the camera, microphone and lights, as well as projecting your screen to the TV. 📺

If you have any questions, just ask us in the chat! 🤓

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