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Jorge Zaun Köberl

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Jorge Zaun Köberl, born in El Salvador in 1997, is an industrial engineer committed to the world of innovation and education.


Working in projects from teaching 3D-Modelling and prototyping skills to scholars together with the Institute of German Economics to helping enterprises learn about web 3.0 and the newest technologies available. Jorge is a key part of the core of WeSpark and was the first employee of the company.


Jorge has always been interested in the craftmanship of new products & the attitude and personality that new technologies develop through the years.


"The ability to believe that one can do something good for the world and learn whatever topic is in your mind is the most valuable tool for humanity"; This principle is the way Jorge looks at any problem.



In El Salvador, Jorge went to the German School of San Salvador and graduated the Salvadoran school programme. Later he completed high school in Germany at the Studienkolleg at the Technical University of Darmstadt. Then he enrolled in Mechanical and Industrial engineering and is on the verge of completing his bachelors degree, with a thesis in the application of virtual and extended reality to learn programs.


Besides working in technology and engineering, Jorge is a self taught musician and beginner cyclist.


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