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CryptoRockstars Online Pass + NFT Collaboration

weSpark Helmet DV Mark 3 Transparent.png

What is this NFT?


Cryptorockstars host the best and biggest German-speaking blockchain conferences in the world, and weSpark is an innovation agency focusing on human-centric innovation. Both organizations believe and share the mission to support education; in this case Blockchain-related education in the places where it is needed the most. Our plan is to start educating young people in El Salvador.

Why El Salvador?


This tiny country in Central America is going through an extraordinary acceleration in the topic due to the new Bitcoin laws. We feel that our knowledge will bring the most value to the Salvadorean youth first. Additionally, we will be working with the NGO, The Gloria Kriete Foundation, specifically with their education program called "Opportunities" which provides teenagers and early adults with extra education and scholarships. weSpark and FGK have worked together on other pro-bono projects before.

The CryptoRockstars Collection

We have 4 different CryptoRockstars + 1 super limited golden edition which you can get by following the button below. Getting any of this will not only give you access to the entire online & recorded conference CryptoRockstars V2, but also will give you some discounts and will help us save up for our education project in El Salvador. Explore all the benefits by clicking the button below! 

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CryptoRockstar Red - weSpark.gif
CryptoRockstar Purple - weSpark.gif
CryptoRockstar Blue - weSpark.gif
CryptoRockstar Gold - weSpark.gif
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