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Build Innovation department & strategies

Innovation on a corporate level is a cultural topic before anything else. Learn the essentials on how to build an innovation ecosystem.

How companies try to buy innovation

Generating innovation is easier said than done. 🔥 There are very few innovation experts out there who truly understand the essence of innovation. Most companies try to "buy innovation" and waste lots of time and effort in trying different isolated experiments that give the appearance of "innovation happening". 💥


weSpark designs, creates and deploys sustainable innovation ecosystems; ✨ we are aware that building an innovation strategy is a long-term commitment, please get in touch with us to explore our references & past results.

The path to innovation culture

Get in contact with us if you and your team are planning to:

  • design an innovation strategy

  • recruit an innovation management team

  • start an accelerator program

  • create an innovation department

  • build an innovation hub

What we do:

  • We create innovation strategies that have a long-lasting cultural and financial impact. 🌟

  • We empathize with your employees and design human-centric innovation departments that match your company's culture. 🌎

  • We bring all of weSpark's services together in an ultimate delivery-pack.
    This is the closest opportunity to getting IaaS (Innovation as a Service). 🚀

Innovation Consulting

If your company just needs a little push, e.g. bursts of knowledge and expertise, then we offer you innovation management consulting on a per-hour basis. This service excludes any workshops and training.

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