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Brand & Logo

The weSpark name and logo were not done at random. We wanted to encapsulate the sentence "The world is full of problems, but together we can create new ideas to tackle them" on a single name and image.

Some name candidates were "Ideas from planet Earth", "Idea von Earth", "Earthlings & Sparks", "Concept Weaver", "Sparkling Earth", and "Escape Earth". We are happy that chose the name weSpark and send special thanks to Carlos Pocasangre, the designer and artist supported us during the creation process.

In the end we designed a logo that describes our purpose, that is unique, recognizable, that can be used in negative designs, that looks great in 3D, virtually or 3D printed, and all of that while remaining simple with only four individual objects.

weSpark Logo Color.png
weSpark Logo Story 1.png
weSpark Logo Story 2.png


The W in our logo, apart from WESPARK, hide two people with their heads symbolizing that WE are not just one and together make the spark start.


The yellow reppresent the born of new ideas.

The W is inspired and has the shape of a LIGHTNING, it signifies the moment a new idea SPARKS!

The white symbolizes the beginning of new projects.

The black circle stands for the problems and the uncertainties of our world, which we want to solve.



weSpark Logo Color Text.png
weSpark Logo Color Text Horizontal.png

When our logo shares space with other logos (e.g. sponsors of the same event), WESPARK should always include our typography with the brand name. The designer can freely decide which version to use.

weSpark Logo Black.png
weSpark Logo Yellow.png

In some rare cases (e.g. dark backgrounds, 3D models, clothing, watermark with 50% opacity etc.), our logo can be used with one of the approved variations such as single-color versions, or the other variations available for download.


Our main color for our website, posts, videos, is used everywhere except for the logo.

Our deep black always makes a nice contrast with the yellow. This is the logo's background color.

The golden yellow has a single purpose: to look outstanding on the two dots in our logo.

The clean white color is used in the W from our logo but it makes great contrast on the black.



The minimum clear space is the width of one of the yellow circles of our logo.



weSpark Logo Color.png
weSpark Logo Color.png

DO NOT swap colors, stretch, rotate or use the symbol to replace a letterform. Do not disrespect the spacing and place the logo too close to another logo. Do not use the logo when there is no contrast. No self-made variations of the logo are allowed. If you have doubts about how to use our logo, don't hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you.

Our brand name and logo are trademarked in the European Union among other regions. For reference please check "WESPARK" in the EUIPO register.

If you still have any questions about how to use our logo or brand assets or need additional assets, please get in contact with us!

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