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weSpark's vision is to spread a human-centric perspective on innovation. Our day-to-day mission is to make innovation effortless for you!

We believe that innovation is a cultural topic on a corporate level and a "state of mind" on a personal level. With this in mind, we develop, test and share our own innovation methods. We are confident they work, because we create & hack them on each occasion to fit every individual challenge, atmosphere and team.


We want to drive your curiosity and be the source that ignites that first spark of the next great idea, that great idea just ready to be created.

Every single one of us possesses a highly scarce mix of skills, knowledge, and mindset that makes us empowered-, crazy- and driven- enough to spark change in the world.

Positive Holistic


Unique Traits
and Skills

weSpark's igniters are ready to handle and tackle any challenge! You should not expect anything less than the following, each one of us:

  • Has positive and holistic vision of the world and the future. We stay confident under the harshest circumstances and are driven by our optimistic attitudes.

  • Shines and stands out from the crowd. We carry and irradiate energy, when you work with us you will feel our unmatched presence the moment we enter the room.

  • Owns an out-of-this-world combination of traits and skills. We are mavericks, we feel, act and think in unique ways. Our unique results stem from our unique traits and skills.


Nelson Inno

  • weSpark's founder  

  • Innovation igniter

  • Web3 Future Visualizer

  • Metaverse Builder

  • TEDxTalk Speaker

Mariya Denysenko_edited.jpg

Mariya Denysenko

  • Political Scientist

  • Web3 Governance

  • Digital Communication

  • Ex-Startup Founder

  • VC Enthusiast

Foto Jorge Corporate_edited.jpg

Jorge Zaun

  • Product Developer

  • Metaverse Builder

  • 3D Modeler

  • Tech Enthusiast

  • Industrial Engineer


Javier Ávila

  • Metaverse Builder

  • 3D Designer

  • Environment Designer

  • 3D Animator


Carlos Poka

  • InHouse Artist

  • Graphic Designer

  • NFT Production

  • Sketching Artist


Are you next?

  • We look for:

  • WEB3 Blockchain XP

  • UX Design

  • Metaverse XP

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