Our Cause

weSpark's vision is to spread a human-centric perspective on innovation

Our mission is to make innovation easy. We want to drive curiosity and be the source that ignites the first spark for your next great idea, that great idea just ready to be born!

weSpark has three main causes:

  • We work only with projects which are ethical and generate a positive impact

  • We contribute to innovation research by developing, testing, and sharing innovation methods

  • We generate social impact by educating scholars and students in innovation management

From all the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, weSpark follows the fundamental cause to support SDG number four: Quality Education.

We are convinced that by putting all our efforts to improve the quality of education today, future generations will be able to solve whichever challenge they face tomorrow. Currently, we are working with the NGO "Fundación Gloria de Kriete" and their program "Opportunities" to teach hundreds of scholars and students innovation methods in El Salvador, Central America.

The Innovation Helmet

The innovation helmet was designed to explain and define innovation. Our helmet was built as a film prop for weSpark's first video ad which was filmed in London back in August 2019. 

How do you convince business managers, that the core of innovation is not the processes or methods they use, the resources they allocate, nor the ideas their employees generate? Easy!
We tell them the following: "In the future, we will have a smart wearable that will enhance our minds with creativity, with solutions to complex problems, and which will turn us into innovators."

Why does this work? Right after we tell the managers the above-mentioned vision of the feature, we show them the innovation helmet so that they visualize someone becoming an innovator:

Innovation is similar to one of these helmets: It only works on the person who wears it!
An individual who "wears the helmet" is a visual metaphor of a person who "adopts the right mindset to innovate". It is all of us, humans, who hold the power to potentiate our minds with creativity, imagination, and turn our ideas into actions that generate innovation!


We are the core of innovation! 


Then, why do managers keep focusing on metrics, resources, marketing-stunts, when trying to increase the company's innovation? Why don't they focus on fostering a culture of innovation, a culture where there is an open-minded atmosphere, where all employees are encouraged to experiment more and where everyone is empowered with the mindset of an innovator?

This illusion of innovation is exactly what we have envisioned to change. At weSpark, we believe that innovation is about people, about mindset, and holistically-speaking, innovation is all about nurturing the right culture.


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weSpark's Story

weSpark was founded by Nelson Javier Mejia in March 2019 and started operations in July 2019.

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We spark innovation!

weSpark GmbH is Frankfurt's first dedicated innovation agency. weSpark focuses on the design and execution of high-impact, extraordinary and human-centered innovation methods. Our agency is well known for its innovative methodologies, its contribution to theoretical and empirical innovation management research, and its engagement for social projects; specially, to increase the quality of education worldwide.

Discover new potentials for your company with weSpark's innovation services offering:

  • We train new innovation managers and potential innovators 🌟

  • We perform mindset-change seminars and webinars 🤓

  • We design and carry out unique Innovation Workshops to develop new products 🚀

  • We build impactful Innovation Strategies & Departments🌎

  • We setup your remote collaboration framework 👨‍🚀

  • We empower with virtual reality soft skills and develop virtual assets 🥽

Our customers have extremely distinct needs and challenges. Our agency always succeeds in delivering tailor-made solutions to our customers. We have no one-fits-all services, and you can be sure that we will design special solutions to satisfy your needs. 

We specialize in unique and extraordinary requests. You should contact us if:

  • You face a big challenge that no one managed to solve before 🔥

  • You are trying to expand your portfolio with new unseen products or services 🤖

  • You want to generate fresh, alternative but impactful results ✨

If you want to learn how weSpark can empower your company and reinvent your business, then get in contact with us! 

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