About Nelson Javier Mejia

Nelson Javier Mejia is a Salvadorean innovation enthusiast with expertise in new product and service development, and an entrepreneur in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

At the age of 18, Nelson moved to Germany to become an industrial and product development engineer. After his engineering degree, he completed his MBA in Sales and Service Engineering.

Nelson has worked in more than 15 companies of various industries. His last job as an employee was at Lufthansa Airlines where he designed, built and implemented multiple innovation strategies and innovation departments for Lufthansa Group. Nelson participated as an active member of the TACIT and GAMIFY official EU projects, where he collaborated with Europe's most innovative professionals to develop new innovation methods for the European Union.

After some years working as an innovation manager, Nelson noticed the need for new innovation methods and the need to improve the mindset inside large corporate cultures.

Totally disappointed and unsatisfied by the innovation consulting market in Germany and Europe, he decided to pursue his own project and change the course of the innovation stage. In 2019, Nelson started his entrepreneurship journey and founded his first company weSpark, an agency dedicated to teaching, coaching and generating innovation. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nelson joined the #WirVsVirus Hackathon (We-Against-The-Virus) which was organized by the Federal German Government and, till this date, it is the largest business competition ever organized with more than 43 thousand participants and over 1500 submitted projects. Together with other participants driven by the desire to strengthen solidarity and combat COVID-19, Nelson created the most popular project of this hackathon and co-founded the social platform: Karmakurier.


His potential third project is still in the phase conceptualization; Nelson believes that mixing remote collaboration techniques with an innovation framework and the trending technologies VR, AR, MR and XR, will change how we innovate in the mid-term future.

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At the age of 30, multiple media channels have interviewed Nelson and covered his projects. The media channels range from TV, to traditional newspapers, radio broadcasts,
news-online websites and podcasts.


You can explore many of Nelson's interviews, podcasts and media coverage on YouTube:

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