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Nelson Inno

Nelson Inno - weSpark - Nelson Javier Mejia

Nelson Inno, born in El Salvador, is a committed innovation enthusiast with expertise in creating and developing new products, services, and digital experiences in multiple industries.


Nowadays, he is well-known for being an entrepreneur in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
He founded weSpark, the innovation agency dedicated to solving big, complex, unsolved problems, by designing impactful & unique innovation methods to tackle any challenge.

One outstanding characteristic of Nelson is that he’s not bounded by any business rules or common social constructs; he believes that one can accomplish what one wants in life by only following a strong set of principles such as “always add value to your fellows”, “dedicate your time to what’s important only”, “don’t forget where you come from”, between others.


One way to understand Inno’s nature is by living by his favorite mantra:


Back in the 90s, little Nelson was fascinated by computers, videogames, and the internet. He used to play with old computer parts, assembling them like they were LEGOs. Nelson built his first website when he was 13 and started discovering a creative passion for making videos & animations. Eventually, he graduated from the German School of San Salvador (Gymnasium) & the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. At the age of 18, Nelson moved to Germany to become an industrial, Product Development Engineer. After his engineering degree, he completed his MBA in Sales and Service Engineering.

During his career, Nelson worked at multiple companies such as Lufthansa Airlines, Microsoft, Siemens, Avianca Airlines, Marquardt (Automotive), Aeroman (Airplane MRO), and others. At the end of his corporate career, Inno was heavily invested as an innovation manager, and participated as an active member of the TACIT and GAMIFY official EU projects, where he collaborated with Europe's most innovative professionals to develop new innovation methods for the European Union.

​What became clear with time, is that Nelson wanted to pursue his own projects and change the course of the innovation stage in Germany. In 2019, Inno started his entrepreneurship journey and founded his first company weSpark, the innovation agency which designs impactful & unique innovation methodologies.

Nowadays Nelson is looking to push innovation by utilizing his favorite, trending technologies VR, AR, Crypto, Blockchain, and the Metaverse. Inno is truly convinced that we all will go through a new revolution of the internet this decade; therefore, he wants to onboard key players that are also interested in shaping a positive future.

Inno has found particularly a big interest in Bitcoin and has invested hundreds of hours visualizing and educating others about Bitcoin & the lightning network. Currently, Nelson is working on his 5th Venture, a project that will allow thousands of people in developing countries to achieve a higher quality of life through a mechanism called "Decentralized Engagement".

Nelson cares about future generations, and that is why all most all of his ProBono work goes into improving the quality of education. His TEDxTalk "Are schools prepared for the future?" is a big summary of how Nelson perceives the future of education.

Get in touch with Nelson today:

At the age of 32, multiple media channels have interviewed Nelson and covered his projects. The media channels range from TV, radio broadcasts, livestreams, to traditional newspapers, news-online websites and digital podcasts.

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You can explore many of Nelson Inno's interviews, podcasts and media coverage on YouTube:

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