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Our customers say that our workshops and methodologies are extraordinary!

We know exactly why this happens: There is not a single "best" workshop structure out there, which will get your team from challenge to idea in no time and with outstanding results. That is why we take our time to truly diagnose what your needs are, so that we can meticulously design every single one of the workshops we do.


Our systematical approach helps us understand the drivers behind your business fast so that we can adopt and have your best interest at heart. When time counts, every single step of each workshop is created to facilitate achieving the targeted goals. After designing and executing hundreds of workshops, we can tell you with 100% confidence: you and your team will achieve outstanding results, with new perspectives, in record time.  


Getting impactful results is not everything, we understand that the process matters too. Since we are human-centric innovation igniters, we always make sure to deliver the most exciting, engaging and energizing workshops you and your team could possibly experience - always resulting in the best outcome and a remarkable experience! ✨

We offer our workshops onsite in the European Union, at our Innovation Space in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, or worldwide remotely. We execute them in English, German or Spanish.

Whom do you trust to design and run your innovation workshops?

There are two schools of thought: the big majority of "innovation consultants" and workshop facilitators out there learn a workshop framework through online or onsite courses, they get certified and start selling workshops. This majority executes workshops by following a set of given tasks, rarely adapting the frameworks to changing circumstances. It doesn't matter what your challenge and needs are, they will always offer one or two different frameworks and hopefully, your needs fit their unchanged offer.


A small minority, including us, dedicate our careers to developing new innovation methods. For years, we have been sketching, designing, and testing our own workshop frameworks, as well as creating new innovation methods for the European Union under different projects from the European Commission. On a weekly basis, we create personalized processes with the sole purpose to solve your very specific challenge. We assume that each workshop you plan to do with us serves an important purpose in your company, and we handle your challenges as if they were ours. 

Whom do you want to work with? The consultants who learn and follow methodologies or the innovation experts who design them? 🤓

On the other hand, we understand that you might be looking for some "ready-to-start" workshop framework, below you will find some of the formats we have executed before. Please get in touch with us for free, non-compromising advice on what might work best for you. After all, we are the innovation experts and our vision is to spread innovation.

1-Day Ideation

If you have a challenge that needs new, fresh and effective ideas delivered in record time, then this compact workshop is the one we suggest. Do plan with lots of sketching and prototyping during the session!

The result is a drafted or hand-built idea that can be used for explanation purposes or to further develop a product or service.

Recommended group size: 5-12

Maximal Group size: 16

Duration: 7h + 1h lunch


2-Day Spark

This workshop is designed to solve any challenge by conceptualizing a viable solution in just 2 days, the perfect compromise between time and quality.

The result is an early-prototype with a business model that can be used to get more funds and further develop the idea.

Recommended group size: 5-10

Maximal Group size: 15

Duration: 2 days: 7h + 1h lunch


4-Day Design
Sprint 2.0

The Design Sprint is the most popular next-gen workshop with the solely purpose to solve BIG challenges! It is used too create or improve products, services, strategies, business models, platforms, you name it!

The result is a good-looking prototype, tested by real customers and their valuable feedback. The results of the Design Sprint are often used to make decision in the higher management levels.

Recommended group size: 6-8

Maximal Group size: 10

Duration: 4 days: 7h + 1h lunch


Immersive Workshop

weSpark will be the first company in the world to openly offer a full-blown, 100% digital workshop on-site, starting this year 2020.


We created a new method called the "zero-A-B" to create a seamless integration between mobile devices, digital pads, digital flip-charts and virtual reality headsets.


Get in touch with us if you want to experience unmatched immersion in what is potentially the most technology-advanced innovation workshop. At weSpark, we aim to define the future of innovation workshops and collaborative, efficient and effective work.

Recommended group size: 4-6

Maximal Group size: 6

Duration: 3 days: 7h + 1h lunch

VR 100 percent digital Workshop.png


If you need us to design a workshop with a specific purpose, just get in touch with us!

We can adjust to different group sizes, workshop duration, locations and even offer you the participation of external experts under an NDA-agreement. By far, this might probably be the best option for any critical projects you might have.


Workshop X

Why let your team be innovative for a day, if you can teach them to be innovative for a lifetime? We basically offer you to train your team to coach and lead any of the workshops described above.
Group size and duration fully customizable for your team's needs. 


Customizable Options

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