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We Create Innovators

Being an active innovator requires an extremely rare set of skills, knowledge and mindset. Discover how to create innovators:

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The world is changing fast and to be a competent innovation manager, coach or even better, an actual innovator, a truly rare set of innovation-related skills becomes an uncommon but highly-unfair advantage.

weSpark trains individuals and teams with interactive, hands-on, educational workshops which transfer the 8 most valuable skills of an empowered innovator.

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Coaching Skills 😎

Personal- and systematic- coaching is extremely helpful to keep a project or development team highly engaged during the different stages of an innovation process.

Process Engineering 🏢


Processes teach us how companies work and are essential to achieve flawless execution. Mastering process development helps shape the path for our ideas to grow.

Tech, UX Design & Digitalization 📱


It is unlikely to innovate without embracing and harvesting the power of technology. Learn the softwares, apps and websites we use to develop our own ideas. This also includes learning about the latest trends and basics of UX design.

Innovation Methods ✨

Learn step-by-step innovation methods to ideate, curate and develop any type of idea.
We use a unique mix of over 40 popular & self-developed methods & tools. Our bootcamps include learning Design Sprint 2.0 and Design Thinking as well as our more effective, self-developed but proven methods. At last, this wouldn't be complete without learning some extra ice-breakers & warm-ups too!

Video-making Skills 🎥


It's easier to communicate, share and get support for our ideas if we know how to talk the language of videos. This process starts with proper story-telling, story-boarding and goes through all basics of filming, editing and producing video material. 

Business Modeling 📈


The minds of successful entrepreneurs have all something in common; at some point during their ventures, they recognized the essentials of generating a viable business model.

Presentation & Persuasion Skills 👏

Practice makes the master! We will make you pitch again and again and will use professional techniques such as instant-visual-feedback by video recording every performance.

Visual Facilitation 🎨


70% of all problems generate due to misunderstandings. There is no better way to align a team or explain something than visualizing it! Learn how to draw quick sketches on paper, digital screens and even how to visualize ideas in virtual reality.

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