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weSpark is the first dedicated Innovation Agency
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

weSpark uses unique, engaging and
extraordinary innovation methods to empower a Culture of Innovation and Spark New Ideas in your team and company!

Discover our new virtual reality innovation framework! 🚀

We use the latest technology and our unique combination of tools and methods to help you reinvent your business!


Innovation can be sparked remotely, all you need is us.

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weSpark focuses on the design and execution of high-impact, extraordinary and human-centered innovation methods. Our agency is well known for its innovative methodologies, its contribution to theoretical and empirical innovation management research, and its engagement for social projects; specially, to increase the quality of education worldwide.

Here is our thumb rule to know whether we might be a good fit. Please, get in contact with us if:

  • You face a big challenge that no one managed to solve before 🔥

  • You are trying to expand your portfolio with new unseen products or services 🤖

  • You are tired of the same story and want to generate fresh, alternative but impactful results 🎯

  • You want to explore the future world of WEB3, crypto, or NFTs 🌎


weSpark's customers benefit from world-class, tailor-made innovation services. We thank every single one of our customers for trusting us with their most beloved futuristic projects.